Monday, 30 May 2011

Happy Monday.. Damn rainbow chip cake

What a morning.. fist of all I ate a piece of rainbow chip Bday cake last night at a family BBQ.. I always skip dessert but its my childhood favorite treat ever!! So I dived right in, damn it! So to justify it I told myself I would do an extra intense workout at the gym today.
 So I get up at 0700 (after being up from 0500-0600 for Eva's feeding) to get Ethan up for school and after his swim in the freezing cold pool at Grandma and Grandpas yesterday.. he had no voice and was super sick.. "NOW HOW AM I GOING TO GET TO THE GYM"?? Ethan is home sick and Nathan (daddy) also sick, has to go and complete a physical test this afternoon for work.. poor fella! So no gym = running out the door and get a little run in before Nathan leaves....
RUN COMPLETE Just back from a little 5km (well to me not so little) I think I left all my endurance at the hospital when I had the baby! I did however workout (run, light weights and other cardio) up to 5months of pregnancy and then Christmas came and bye bye gym and motivation!! Heres hoping that  helped in getting my regular run time back.. each run gets a little better but still have a long way to go! When a 5K makes you look like this.... theres a problem. yikes aroooough..


Anyways... Ethan and I are enjoying a couple smoothies.. Im lapping down a revamped green monster..
  •  heaping handful of spinach
  • 2 table spoons of Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup of almond milk (vanilla)
Ethans is much more yummy..
  • Banana
  • 1 cup of 1% White milk
  • 2 tsp Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla ice cream (just so he thinks its a milkshake) Kids will drink anything they think is made of ice cream.
check it out.. yumm.. maybe he will trade?

Heres hoping this green monster gives me magical powers.. I have a billion and one things to get done today...
    hummm.. What to make for dinner tonight?? Chicken?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day date with my lil Eva..

Spending the day with by little darling is awesome.. except when theres a fire fighter (Love fire fighters.. well who doesnt?) car wash that just so happened to catch my little eye as we were leaving the gym and she decided to cry and fuss.. therefore we couldnt "support the fire fighters charity" and sneak a peek of the hot boys! Maybe shes mad at me because I didnt bring her back a present from lulu yesterday? hum..

So I fell in love with "green monster" smoothies.. im enjoying one this very second.. yumm! My BFF introduced it to me. love love love! Speaking of my BFF (Aleasha) she just spent three nights here feeding me full of healthy eats and in return I kept her well hydrated with red wine. Shes very good at keeping me motivated and pushing me to set running goals for myself. She is running her third 1/2 marathon tomorrow! Im guessing she will do it in 1hr 52. I have committed to running a 1/2 M with her in October. I am VERY excited. I have a 10km in just over a month. The 10k is so much less intimidating.. But I know I can finish the 1/2M in Oct.. and i'll do myself proud.. BRING IT ON!!

Now back to my day date with Eva, he daddy is feeling really sick.. He caught my flu. ooops. So me and my girl did some shopping bought daddy an ipod shuffle for an early fathers day gift (we have a family BBQ and pre fathers day celebration tomorrow at the in laws), Back to Nate being sick..I feel terrible as he is hauling his butt into work tonight for a night shift and he has a very demanding physical test on Monday.. which entails a shuttle run, push ups and tons of other physical components.  He will really struggle to pass if he is still feeling this sick. Wont explain what exactly the test is for, just that its an annual re certification (for a team we are on together) how cute!! Lets keep our fingers crossed that he feels better on Monday as this re certification is followed by a VERY demanding week of training. Poor baby:(
Eva and I are going to have to end this entry...she is sitting with me me and getting a little fussy! oh check out my mini me.....

Friday, 27 May 2011

Just signed up for my post baby 10km.. July.9th baby!! Excited..

My very first BLOGGER post.. Yup, im a blogger

Ok, so I am new to the blogging scene! Im just going to talk a little about moi and why I decided to start a blog..
So my bestest friend in the whole wide world has a blog ( I'd rather have a cupcake) and I have know about it for a while now. At first I though it was a little obnoxious and not my thing, but.. she convinced me that it was pretty neat by showing me a few blogs that she is following. Neadless to say im going to give it a shot. Who doesnt like talking about themselves and following others with similar interests. Humm.. sounds ok to me!
I am 28, in love with an amazing guy (Nate), have a beautiful and absolutely perfect 3 month old daughter named *Evangeline Natalie* baby Ev, I have a 6 year old step son which im crazy about *Ethan* hes a funny and charming little guy! I live in Ontario, Canada and love every second of it.. ok maybe not every second..
I am kicking my own butt to get back in shape, its been three months now and im doing pretty darn good! I am at my pre pregnancy weight and now working on getting some *muskles back and my cardio (running). Yesterday I ran just over 3 miles and it wasnt an easy task.. sad really. This time lasyb year that was a warm up. ha! By BFF made me a smoothie bowl for supper tonight... YUM! Eating clean and healthy is great... but I am madly in love with red wine, chocolate and peanutbutter! Well here goes the battle I guess! Signing up for a 10km tonight for June/July.. then a 1/2 marathon in Oct... I need accountability.. k thats enough for now..