Friday, 27 May 2011

My very first BLOGGER post.. Yup, im a blogger

Ok, so I am new to the blogging scene! Im just going to talk a little about moi and why I decided to start a blog..
So my bestest friend in the whole wide world has a blog ( I'd rather have a cupcake) and I have know about it for a while now. At first I though it was a little obnoxious and not my thing, but.. she convinced me that it was pretty neat by showing me a few blogs that she is following. Neadless to say im going to give it a shot. Who doesnt like talking about themselves and following others with similar interests. Humm.. sounds ok to me!
I am 28, in love with an amazing guy (Nate), have a beautiful and absolutely perfect 3 month old daughter named *Evangeline Natalie* baby Ev, I have a 6 year old step son which im crazy about *Ethan* hes a funny and charming little guy! I live in Ontario, Canada and love every second of it.. ok maybe not every second..
I am kicking my own butt to get back in shape, its been three months now and im doing pretty darn good! I am at my pre pregnancy weight and now working on getting some *muskles back and my cardio (running). Yesterday I ran just over 3 miles and it wasnt an easy task.. sad really. This time lasyb year that was a warm up. ha! By BFF made me a smoothie bowl for supper tonight... YUM! Eating clean and healthy is great... but I am madly in love with red wine, chocolate and peanutbutter! Well here goes the battle I guess! Signing up for a 10km tonight for June/July.. then a 1/2 marathon in Oct... I need accountability.. k thats enough for now..


I'd Rather Have a Cupcake said...

I am so happy you finally have a blog-Look out now that we are both on here!!!! Love you!!